LeBron James takes a fan’s beer, almost takes a swig during the game (VIDEO)


Destroying the Toronto Raptors is thirsty work.

During the third quarter, as Cleveland was taking complete control of Game 1 of their playoff series, LeBron James came down the court on the left side in transition, was fouled by Serge Ibaka as he tried to go to the rim, then jump/ran/whatever that was over to the sidelines, took a beer from one of the courtside servers, then almost took a drink.

Before he did, he realized he doesn’t really drink that cheap brown bottle beer. Or it wasn’t an IPA. Whatever the reason, he decided to wait on the beer until postgame.

The best part of this may be J.R. Smith‘s reaction.

This stuff is fun and funny when you are winning big. And Cleveland was doing that and answering questions Monday night.