Rajon Rondo on apparent trip of Jae Crowder: Just stretching my leg after ACL tear

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While sitting on the Bulls bench, an injured Rajon Rondo looked like he might have been trying to trip Celtics forward Jae Crowder – particularly eyebrow-raising given Rondo’s history.

Rondo in his post-game press conference:

When you tear an ACL, your legs get stiff on you every once in a while. Then, I stretch my leg out. I always do that throughout our game. I guess e was so deep into our bench, it looked like whatever may have happened.

I initially gave Rondo the benefit of the doubt. It seemed he extended his leg casually and after Crowder ran by.

And maybe this is unfair – Rondo has a great memory, someone could have warned him he’d receive this question, the incident might have stuck out because it shocked him as an accident close call – but Rondo’s explanation seems too meticulous.