Celtics’ Stevens to start Gerald Green in effort to spark team in Game 3

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Rajon Rondo may be out, but the core problems that have the Celtics down 0-2 to the Bulls have not gone away — Chicago is more physical, stronger on the boards and in the paint, the Bulls’ size has them playing better defense, and Jimmy Butler has been the best player on the court.

What is Boston’s Brad Stevens going to do to change the dynamic? Something wholly unexpected.

Did not see that coming. A. Sherrod Blakely of CSNNE.com added this.

The last time Gerald Green started a game for the Celtics it was 2007.

The Celtics are clearly going smaller and more athletic, a counter that Stevens hopes will get buckets and force the Bulls to go smaller as well, taking away some of their advantage inside.

There comes a point in almost every seven game series when one coach realizes he doesn’t have the players to win, when what has worked all season to get his team to this point will not be enough. At that point, coaches make desperation plays, radical lineup shifts or tactical adjustments as a last-chance measure. Like an end-of-game Hail Mary in football, usually it falls harmlessly to the ground.

That’s what this move feels like. Maybe it, combined with Rondo being out, can change this game. But I wouldn’t bet on it.