Paul Millsap, whose Hawks trail Wizards, 2-0: ‘It’s 0-0 to us’

Rob Carr/Getty Images

The fourth-seeded Wizards beat the fifth-seeded Hawks twice in Washington, taking a 2-0 series lead.

In alternative facts…

Atlanta forward Paul Millsap, via Chase Hughes of CSN Mid-Atlantic:

“I think they got home court advantage, they played off of that but to us I mean it’s 0-0 to us. We’re going back to Atlanta. We feel like we’re still confident so to us, it’s 0-0,” he said.

The cliché that a series doesn’t begin until the home team loses is just untrue. Teams that have won the first two games of a best-of-seven series at home have won the series 94% of the time.

The Wizards were better than Atlanta throughout the season (which is why they earned home-court advantage). They looked better in the series’ first two games.

The Hawks must now win four of five and, even with three of those games are in Atlanta, they’re now in a huge hole.

If Millsap wants to delude himself because it gives him and his teammates hope, that’s his prerogative. But it’s not reality.