Dwight Howard answers almost every postgame question with “I don’t know”


Down 2-0 to the Washington Wizards but heading home to Atlanta, there are a lot of questions for the Hawks and what they need to do to get back into this series.

Just don’t ask Dwight Howard what they are.

A frustrated Howard — who sat the entire fourth quarter — was not in the mood to talk to reporters answered virtually every postgame question with “I don’t know.” You can see the video above.

Howard has struggled to defend the Wizards’ pick-and-roll this series, but that is far from the only challenge Atlanta faces going forward. The Hawks have to feel that they could have won either game on the road with better execution late, but then again every team with losses in the playoffs think “what if?”

Howard needs to be part of the solutions, whatever they are, or this series will be over quickly.