Report: Jerry West wants job offer from Lakers, but it’s not coming

Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

Warriors consultant Jerry West was reportedly intrigued by joining the Lakers’ front office, which he ran for 18 years (winning five championships and setting the stage for a couple more) and where his son (Ryan West) works.

Mark Heisler of The Orange County Register:

These days the Lakers don’t even do no-brainers, like inviting Jerry West back in a consultant’s role like the one he has with the Warriors. A Lakers insider told me it’s not happening … even though the Lakers are aware West would love to be asked back.

The reason cited isn’t much different than what Jim Buss felt: They don’t think they need West.

Not only did West guide the Lakers in multiple championship eras, he later turned around the Grizzlies and provided a valuable voice in Golden State. He’d be an asset, and his time with the Warriors shows he could operate in support of Magic Johnson rather than undermining the new team president.

But if this report is to be believed, the Lakers’ trend of hiring of hiring executives based largely on their playing success with the franchise apparently ends once the former player acquires relevant experience.