Mike Conley says Grizzlies players will pay fine for coach Fizdale’s “Take that for data” rant


Grizzlies coach David Fizdale has become a folk hero for his “Take that for data” rant.

He was frustrated after another Grizzlies loss to the Spurs, one where he felt his team did not get the benefit of the doubt from the referees, while Kawhi Leonard and the Spurs did. Fizdale knew he was going to get fined while he was venting — the league came down Wednesday with a $30,000 fine — but at least he got his money’s worth.

The Grizzlies players loved it so much, they will reimburse Fizdale for the fine, said point guard Mike Conley.

Conley can probably swing a large chunk of that after signing the richest contract in NBA history last summer.

The question is what impact will all this have on the officiating, if any? You can bet the crowd in Memphis will be all over the officials, and maybe all this gets them a couple more calls. The thing is, the Spurs are still going to attack, and as a team still know how to draw and play through contact. They will continue to get calls, too.