Celtics’ Avery Bradley overheard Rajon Rondo say “Yeah, they gave up”

Associated Press

Maybe Game 1 could be explained as a fluke, but in Game 2 Tuesday night the Chicago Bulls took it to the Boston Celtics and dominated them. Chicago’s defense was physical and aggressive, they attacked on offense, while the Celtics were predictable on offense and their defense lackluster.

How bad was it? Check out what Celtics’ guard Avery Bradley heard Rajon Rondo say during the fourth quarter, via ESPN.

“I could even hear Rondo, like, ‘Yeah, they gave up. They gave up.’ But you never can let a team see that. You have to continue to be positive and go out there and play hard, no matter what the outcome is.”

Damn. Saying a team quit — that you beat the competitiveness out of them — is about the most damning thing one pro player can say about his opposition.

The thing is, Rondo’s right. This has been about as embarrassing a two games as the Celtics could have had.

There is a lot of frustration around Boston — the Celtics were booed in the Garden during the fourth quarter, and Celtics fans on social media were vicious. This is a good Boston team, but it’s built more for the regular season, and it’s playoff flaws have been laid bare the last two games. The fixes don’t seem as quick now — if you’re Gordon Hayward, you want to leave Utah for this?

Last summer, it seemed Danny Ainge was willing to be patient with this roster and building this team. If they Celtics are unceremoniously bounced in the first round as a No. 1 seed, can he afford to do that again?