Statistical analyst Roland Beech leaving Kings

AP Photo/Mike Fuentes

A couple years ago, the Kings parted ways with Dean Oliver, who literally wrote the book on basketball statistics.

That led to plenty of handwringing about Sacramento’s, especially general manager Vlade Divac’s, commitment to analytics. The Kings insisted they would replace Oliver and that his exit didn’t change their approach, and they backed it up by hiring highly respected Roland Beech, who previously worked with the Mavericks.

Get ready to relive that debate.

Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports:

The Kings’ problems run much deeper than analytics, starting with owner Vivek Ranadive. The inexperienced Divac barely has a chance to succeed, and a statistical specialist won’t significantly change that.

At minimum, Sacramento needs to overhaul its front office in a way it insists it won’t. Unless that happens or Ranadive suddenly gets a clue, it won’t matter much how – or even if – the Kings replace Beech.