Clint Capela made an and-1 shot with Taj Gibson literally on his back (VIDEO)


Houston Rockets center Clint Capela almost didn’t get his shot at this and-1 opportunity. He certainly deserved it, given that Oklahoma City Thunder big man Taj Gibson was literally draped all over his back when he shot.

The play came after a Patrick Beverley entry pass at the end of the first half. Capela gathered himself and gave the Thunder defense a pump fake. Russell Westbrook and Gibson both bit on the fake, sending them flying.

Capela then went up for his shot, but before he could he found Gibson laying all over his back.

Ever determined, Capela finished with one hand.

Officials whistled Gibson for the foul but didn’t give him the and-1 at first. After conferring, they awarded the bucket and the foul shot to Capela.

Capela missed the following free throw, but Houston took a 1-0 lead in the series by beating the Thunder, 118-87.