LeBron James gets called for obvious travel, which even had him laughing (VIDEO)


It’s not often you see an up-and-down call in the NBA. Travels? Sure. But up-and-down is usually reserved for middle schoolers. You especially don’t expect to see it from the best player of a generation, and definitely not in a playoff game.

But, alas, that’s exactly what happened to LeBron James during Saturday’s Game 1 matchup vs. the Indiana Pacers.

After dribbling to the left side of the floor, James left his feet, turned to pass, and found … no one.

LeBron was called for the travel, which even had him laughing under his breath with a sheepish grin:

Cleveland narrowly won Game 1, 109-108. Game 2 is in Cleveland on Monday at 4:00 PM PST on TNT.