LeBron James directing traffic and throwing this baseball pass is a thing of beauty (VIDEO)


Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James is an excellent passer, but his ability to direct traffic on the fly during Saturday’s first round playoff game against the Indiana Pacers was particularly impressive.

A good example came when LeBron was holding the ball while standing on the halfcourt logo. His teammates were trying to figure out what screen to set on a flat exchange in the left corner when he took control.

LeBron started pointing wildly for Kyle Korver to set a screen down low for Channing Frye in the corner, who he wanted to run toward the hoop.

The screen was finally set, and LeBron fired a rocket of a baseball pass to Frye for an easy layup you could see coming from a mile away:

Cleveland narrowly won Game 1, 109-108. Game 2 is in Cleveland on Monday at 4:00 PM PST on TNT.