Report: Magic keeping coach Frank Vogel, even after firing GM

Streeter Lecka/Getty Images
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The Magic fired general manager Rob Hennigan.

Where does that leave coach Frank Vogel?

John Denton of

Vogel just finished the first season of a four-year contract (that reportedly has a team option for the final year). The remaining money is certainly a factor.

So is the fact that Vogel is a good coach.

But this often doesn’t work. Orlando could be limited in its general-manager search, as potential candidates generally prefer to choose their own coach, and the best candidates will have leverage to demand it. Whomever the Magic hire will have to develop a working relationship with his coach on the fly, which shouldn’t be taken for granted.

In a year or two, Orlando might realize it wasted even more time by not resetting fully enough. As well as Vogel coaches, that possibility is too likely to put such a restraint on the new general manager.

The Magic should let their next GM decide for himself whether or not to keep Vogel. If Vogel is worth keeping, the new GM will see that.