Steve Kerr thinks it’s funny Dennis Rodman says today’s players rest too much

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Add Hall of Famer Dennis Rodman to the list of players from generations gone by who think today’s players getting time off for rest is a disgrace to the sport. Here’s one of the outlandish things Rodman said on CBS Sports earlier in the week. (There were others.)

“You know what, LeBron’s doing one thing that I always said that Michael Jordan never did,” Rodman said. “He never rested. He played every game. He played every game. LeBron has the position to do this now because they need him. The league needs him that’s why he’s doing all this crazy s— now like bitching and complaining and all this [BS].”

Former Rodman teammate and current Warriors’ coach Steve Kerr found this funny.

As former Bull now agent B.J. Armstrong said on our podcast a few weeks back, guys didn’t get much rest then, but the players and teams also did not have the scientific data about health and level of play when rested available now. If they did, you don’t think Phil Jackson would have tried to lengthen the career of Michael Jordan?