Silver’s memo worked? Spurs to rest stars Friday night vs. Mavs, not Saturday vs. Clippers on television

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A few weeks back, the Spurs were in a game that frustrated fans, the suits at ABC/ESPN, and by extension NBA Commissioner Adam Silver — the Warriors rested Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, and Andre Iguodala (plus Kevin Durant was already injured) in a game where the Spurs were without Kawhi Leonard, LaMarcus Aldridge, and Tony Parker due to injury. The following Saturday the Cavaliers rested their stars for a nationally-televised game. Adam Silver fired off a testy memo to owners saying they needed to step in and deal with healthy players resting, it was hurting the game.

Apparently, that message got through.

The Spurs have a back-to-back Friday against Dallas followed by Saturday against the Clippers on national television. Guess when guys are getting rested.

The non-injured players are expected to play Saturday.

A lot of players are going to get rested on playoff teams over the final few games of the season, but that is not a new phenomenon. As Warriors’ coach Steve Kerr noted Thursday, Phil Jackson rested Michael Jordan right before the playoffs. This is a time it’s to be expected.

However, the issue is getting discussed this week by NBA owners, then will be a topic this summer as well when the NBA discusses rule tweaks.