Stephen Curry fakes out Marcin Gortat 4 times on one possession (VIDEO)


Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry got the mismatch he wanted against the Washington Wizards on Sunday. He utilized the advantage to the fullest, putting Wizards big man Marcin Gortat on skates four times in one play.

It came early in the first quarter at Oracle, with Gortat guarding Curry off the pick-and-roll.

Curry drove to the left side, dribbled in a circle, crossed over, pump faked, then gave the ball up.

He then rushed to the corner where he got the ball again, pump faked, then gave a ball fake to finally lose Gortat.

Curry had another crazy highlight play a minute before the quarter ended, getting out on the break and sending a behind-the-back bounce pass to Draymond Green for the finish.