Report: Knicks G Derrick Rose tears meniscus in left knee, will miss rest of the season


The New York Knicks will be without guard Derrick Rose for the remainder of the season. It was reported on Sunday by Yahoo! Sports that Rose had torn the meniscus in his left knee, necessitating the fourth knee surgery for the young guard. The left knee is the one Rose had previously torn his ACL in.

Rose, 28, had posted averages of 18 points, 4.4 assists, and 3.8 rebounds per-game for the Knicks.

The former MVP has been largely healthy, playing in 64 games this season for New York.

This should also quash any talks of re-signing Rose for the Knicks, at least at the level that Rose has been looking for. The former superstar has reportedly been seeking a huge max deal, but with yet another knee surgery under his belt it’s unlikely that any team in the NBA would be willing to sign him for a considerable long-term contract.

Where New York goes now is a question mark. They’ve needed a point guard for some time, and despite all logical choice telling them not to sign Rose to a big deal, Phil Jackson and company have been apparently quite interested in bringing him back.

This doesn’t make things any easier for the Knicks, but perhaps it does give them a more clear path.

Rose, meanwhile, will have to rehab yet again if he wants to return to the NBA and continue playing. It’s still somehow shocking to think of a former MVP under the age of 30 now likely relegated to deals under the mid-level exception (if not the veteran’s minimum) for the rest of his career.

Sad news for both Knicks fans and Rose.