Kyrie Irving stands up for pushed-down, dunked-on LeBron James (videos)

AP Photo/Jae C. Hong

Remember the reports of friction between Kyrie Irving and LeBron James last season?

Even with the Cavaliers’ recent struggles wearing on everyone in Cleveland, Irving couldn’t have looked more loyal to LeBron in the Cavs’ win over the 76ers last night.

In the first quarter, Justin Anderson bumped LeBron, who fell. I’m not sure Anderson did anything egregious to knock over LeBron, but the first chance he got, Irving flagrantly fouled the Philadelphia forward:

Then, in the third quarter, Shawn Long dunked on LeBron and yelled in celebration. “Hey, you’re down by 27, bruh!” Irving shot back:

Beating the 76ers by 17 means little. But this type of camaraderie suggests the Cavaliers might be ready for the pressure of the playoffs.

Whether their defense is ready is another question.