Steve Nash on rest: “I was always tired in the playoffs, I could have needed the rest”


Much to the chagrin of the NBA league office, there is as much talk about star players resting in the NBA as there is the looming playoffs or anything else around the league (save the MVP race). Fans are frustrated (as are broadcasters), old school players are ripping the younger generation, coaches and GMs are pointing to the injury/quality of play stats, and players are saying it’s part of the game now.

Former NBA MVP Steve Nash was on Sirius XM NBA Radio Friday morning, and honestly said he could have used the rest during his playing days.

Steve Nash’s career arc — where his body broke down quickly after seasons of heavy loads — is what the pro-rest proponents point to. The idea is fewer minutes and more rest can lead to longer, more productive careers.

Which is a valid point, but doesn’t alleviate the problem of fans feeling screwed over when they sit down to watch a big game on television — or pay a lot of money to see their favorite players in an arena — when those players are healthy but resting.

The one thing Nash is dead on about is that the issue is a tricky one. The NBA owners will be discussing the topic at their upcoming Board of Governor’s meeting, but what really has to happen is Adam Silver, representatives of the players’ union, teams, coaches, all need to sit down in a room and have a discussion. A compromise needs to be reached because the issue has become an embarrassment to the league.