NBA: Thunder got away with shooting foul late in fourth quarter of OT win over Magic

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Down 14 against midway through the fourth quarter, the Thunder needed nearly everything to go their way against the Magic on Wednesday.

And it did, including Russell Westbrook‘s 3-pointer to send the game to overtime, where Oklahoma City emerged with a 114-106 win.

Another thing that worked in the Thunder’s favor: Victor Oladipo getting away with a shooting foul of Evan Fournier with 34.5 seconds left. That should have been whistled, according to the NBA’s Last Two Minute Report

Oladipo (ORL) makes contact to Fournier’s (ORL) arm that affects his driving shot attempt.

Westbrook also got away with a loose-ball foul while trying to rebound Fournier’s miss. But a correct call on the shot would’ve already stopped play and meant two free throws for Fournier, who’s shooting 80%from the line this season and 79% for his career.

We obviously can’t know what would’ve happened from there. But in a game went down to the wire to reach overtime, those attempts very well could have given Orlando the win in regulation.

This missed call also might have wider implications than just Oklahoma City’s position in the playoff race.

Westbrook exited regulation with 50 points, nine rebounds and nine assists — a superb game, to be sure. But he used overtime to reach a triple-double and 57 points — the highest-scoring triple-double of all time. That could be a narrative-shifting performance for MVP.