Here we go again: Shaquille O’Neal agrees with Kyrie Irving, thinks the Earth is flat


Kyrie Irving, you have some company. Add Hall of Fame center Shaquille O’Neal to the list of current and former NBA players who think the world is flat.

That’s what the former Los Angeles Lakers great recently said on his podcast, The Big Podcast with Shaq.

Shaq was asked “about the Kyrie Irving stuff” and he seemed to respond quickly and genuinely. Then again, Shaq is a good enough actor there’s a serious question to be had about it given it’s a podcast and you can’t see his face.

Here’s the quote, via Twitter:

I’ve slowly slid over to the camp that this is all just play for marketing. Irving’s comments were made right as the announcement for his Uncle Drew movie came out around the All-Star Game. Draymond Green jumped in because Draymond Green thinks trolling is funny.

Shaq has been a successful media personality for years, as well as one who understands business, so it’s not unthinkable that he would join in on this. We all learned in grade school why our immediate vicinity feels and looks flat even though Earth is round. Conspiracy theory junkies are the only ones pushing for a flat earth theory.

So what seems more likely? That two top players from their day, who both seem to have their head screwed on straight otherwise, are conspiracy kooks and they just happen to have a product to sell? Or that this is a straight up marketing play with no negative repercussions because their newsworthy opinion is pretty goofy?

Now I’m deep in my own conspiracy here, so I’ll let you make the final decision. If you want to listen to Shaq’s podcast — the ultimate goal here, I imagine — the remarks can be heard at the 9:25 mark.