Stephen Curry nutmegs Magic defender, gets assist on Zaza Pachulia dunk (VIDEO)


Perhaps Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry heard about Oklahoma City Thunder guard Russell Westbrook‘s spectacular, halfcourt nutmeg on Thursday night. Maybe he wanted to show him up, especially after Curry said he felt James Harden should be the MVP this season.

Or, maybe Curry is just ridiculously good and this is what comes naturally to him. Either way, the pass was bonkers.

It happened during the first minute of play against Orlando, with the Magic trying to defend Curry on an early offense pick-and-roll with Pachulia.

Nikola Vucevic tried to stay wide and low, but that athletic stance is what got the best of him. With Pachulia on the roll, Curry sensed the opening and led his teammate with a pass through Vucevic’s legs.

All that was left was a sweet dunk for the near-All-Star.