Russell Westbrook, when told Curry said Harden should be MVP: “Who’s he?”


On Monday, Stephen Curry was making the media rounds, and that included an appearance on the Dan Patrick Show. There, when asked, Curry said he’d probably choose James Harden right now as MVP, because of how far he has lifted the Rockets up the standings (you can see the video above).

Russell Westbrook was told what Curry said, and he responded with the most Westbrook of answers.

Oh, just the guy that won the award the last two years.

This is the most interesting MVP race in at least a decade because you can make a valid case for four guys: Harden, Westbrook, Kawhi Leonard, and LeBron James. (Kevin Durant would have been the fifth before he was injured, although he would not have won the award.)

Tim Bontemps over at the Washington Post conducted a media straw poll and found voters tend to line up with Curry — Harden is the clear frontrunner. Talking to voters I know, there is also a sense that it still is very close between Harden and Westbrook, and the final 15 games will matter in the voting at the end.