Watch Myles Turner swat Kristaps Porzingis, then dunk on the Knicks at the other end


New York Knicks big man Kristaps Porzingis thought he shook Indiana Pacers center Myles Turner on Tuesday night. And he did! Just not well enough to stop him from blocking him and running down the opposite end of the floor to smash down a huge dunk.

The play came in the first quarter, with Turner and Porzingis isolated on the left wing. Porzingis put some space between the two with a little ball fake, then drove toward the middle of the lane.

Turner recovered, and slid across Porzingis’ front in order to swat his push shot.

Via Twitter:

Turner really came at Porzingis on both ends on that one.

Knicks fans got their revenge a little while later when Porzingis spiked a Paul George shot into the stands at MSG like a volleyball.