Joel Embiid endorses Dario Saric for Rookie of the Year


Joel Embiid has outplayed every other rookie to the point, despite him playing just 31 games before suffering a season-ending injury, I expect him to deserve Rookie of the Year.

But there’s still another month for challengers to build their cases, and nobody is coming on stronger than 76ers teammate Dario Saric.

Saric has averaged 19.6 points, 7.9 rebounds and 3.7 assists in his last 16 games, including, 29 points seven rebounds and five assists in a win over the Lakers yesterday. That earned Saric an on-court post-game interview, which Embiid interrupted to say:

He’s the Rookie of the Year. That’s the guy.

Embiid is being a nice teammate, but I still think he’ll deserve the award. He was just so impactful while on the court in a way Saric has not come close to matching.

That said, it depends how Saric finishes the season. He could catch Embiid, especially if he keeps playing this well.

In some corners, Saric is even favored.