Coach Steve Kerr on Iguodala’s comments: “You guys just got Andre’d”

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Steve Kerr and Andre Iguodala have a close relationship, Kerr may be closer to him than anyone else on the team.

Iguodala also occasionally likes to create a little controversy. Which is what Iguodala did when asked Friday night about Kerr’s plans to rest him, Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green for a nationally televised game against the Spurs Saturday.

“Do what master say… What would dumb (N-word) say?

It became a firestorm on Twitter and was even discussed by Mark Jackson and Jeff Van Gundy during the game Saturday night (both chastising Iguodala).

What did Kerr think? Via Chris Haynes at ESPN.

“You guys just got Andre’d,” Kerr said to a group of reporters prior to Saturday’s 107-85 loss to the San Antonio Spurs. “You got Andre’d.”

“Andre is one of those guys who likes to stir the pot and has a lot of cryptic messaging at times,” Kerr said. “[He] jokes around. I didn’t take anything from it. It’s just Andre being Andre.”

Cryptic? I would say Iguodala has a history of passive-aggressive comments aimed at coaches, management, and whoever else he may be frustrated with. So it shouldn’t be a shock some thought there was more to this comment than the inside joke he — and seemingly most of the Warriors — seemed to see it as.

Now with Kerr’s comments, this likely all dies down and goes away. This was an inside joke. But make no mistake, Iguodala knew what he was doing and what the reaction would be, and he was just good with it.