New Laker GM says he has talked to Kobe about role in organization


By all accounts, Kobe Bryant is doing well chasing new goals outside of basketball since his retirement last year. He was as well prepared a player as you will see to move on to the next phase of his life, despite how competitive he was on the court.

However, the Lakers still want him in the fold — especially with his former agent Rob Pelinka just installed as general manager of the team. Pelinka had a love letter to Kobe as part of his introductory press conference Friday.

The obvious question here is, did Pelinka reach out to Kobe about some role in the organization?

Kobe was at the presser, as one would expect.

Kobe’s role is not likely to be a minor one, maybe even mostly symbolic, but with his former agent as the GM he will have some part of the “Make the Lakers great again” effort in the front office.

With the Lakers’ long and storied history, as with a lot of teams, keeping that connection to the past matters. A lot. The new management seems to get that.