Report: Cavaliers, Larry Sanders seriously discussing contract

AP Photo/Tom Lynn

Andrew Bogut out.

Larry Sanders in?

After working out for the Cavaliers, Sanders could soon join Cleveland.

Shams Charania of Yahoo Sports:

Sanders last played in 2014. A run of confrontations and suspensions for drugs led him into a program for anxiety, depression and mood disorders, sidetracking his NBA career.

If Sanders has a better hold on things, he could help Cleveland. The Cavs rely on undersized Tristan Thompson and stretch Channing Frye at center. Sanders – a ferocious shot-blocker and finisher at his peak – could provide an interior-minded alternative.

But how much of his athleticism remains at age 28 and so long removed professional basketball? Can Sanders handle the stress of the NBA and a championship chase? How will his attitude be?

Sanders invites big questions – and brings big potential.