Agency fires Dan Fegan, hires Kevin Johnson

Getty Images

DeAndre Jordan fired Dan Fegan. John Wall fired Dan Fegan. Dwight Howard fired Dan Fegan.

And now Independent Sports & Entertainment is firing Dan Fegan — which would be far more defensible if the agency weren’t hiring Kevin Johnson. (Chris Grancio will take on Fegan’s responsibility).

ISE represents several NBA players, including DeMarcus Cousins, Chandler Parsons, Ricky Rubio. This looms large for Cousins’ 2018 free agency, the next round of Rubio trade talks and the Mavericks, with whom Fegan has been closely (too closely?) linked.

I wonder what agent-critic Vlade Divac thinks about this shakeup.

Mostly, I wonder why ISE would hire Johnson with his baggage.