Vernon Maxwell makes inane comment on International Women’s Day, Jazz fans react


Former NBAer Vernon Maxwell took a bit of heat on Twitter this week. The 2-time NBA champion played for eight teams during his career, but was most known for his playing time with the Houston Rockets. As the Rockets got set to take on the Utah Jazz on Wednesday night, Maxwell set out to stoke the flames between the two Western Conference playoff hopefuls.

That’s where it went wrong.

Maxwell — apparently aware that it was International Women’s Day but not of its meaning — went off-course with a tweet that’s just straight up embarrassing to read in 2017.

Via Twitter:

Uh, what?

Meanwhile the Rockets lost on their home floor to the Jazz, 115-108.

Jazz Twitter was quick to point out the loss to Maxwell. Some even decided to try to educate him on where he went wrong.

But that didn’t stop Maxwell from coming back hard, even though his team took the loss in their own building.

Vernon Maxwell has country uncle jokes.