PBT Extra: Are red hot Miami Heat playoff bound?


Back on Jan. 15, the Miami Heat were 11-30 and all anyone wanted to talk about was who they would trade at the deadline as they tried to get younger and build around Hassan Whiteside.

Since that day the Heat have gone 19-4, including a recent home-and-home sweep of the Cavaliers, and they’ve done it with a top six NBA offense and defense since that time.

The Heat are 1.5 games back of the Pistons, is Miami a playoff team?

I say yes, but the need to prove it over the coming couple weeks — seven of their next eight are at home, while they finish with a lot of road games against good teams (including Cleveland and Washington).

Whatever happens, the Miami turnaround is one of the great stories of the NBA season — and will get Erik Spoelstra some Coach of the Year votes.