Jared Dudley, Brandon Jennings ejected after headbutt, gun gesture (VIDEO)


Things got heated during the second quarter of Tuesday night’s matchup between the Washington Wizards and the Phoenix Suns. An altercation resulted in ejections for both Jared Dudley and Brandon Jennings, and both fines and missed games are sure to follow.

Let’s try to unpack this.

It started when Wizards forward Jason Smith was called for an offensive foul as he laid out Phoenix’s Tyler Ulis on a screen. Dudley took exception to the foul, and streaked across the floor to get in Smith’s face, headbutting him while doing so.

That started a bit of a row, at which both Dudley and Jennings became the center of. Jennings, while arguing with Dudley, could clearly be seen making a gun and shooting gesture. Both were assessed technical fouls and ejected from the game.

Jennings and Dudley with both no doubt miss time and at least a game for the altercation. Making unnecessary physical contact like Dudley did is sure to irk the league office. The same should be said for Jennings’ gesture, something that won’t sit well with a league that pins itself as family entertainment.

Wild stuff from a weird scuffle.