Charles Barkley weighs in on Lonzo Ball’s dad: “At some point it becomes stupidity”


While it doesn’t seem as though UCLA guard Lonzo Ball’s father LaVar will have much of an impact on his son’s draft stock, that doesn’t mean folks around the NBA haven’t begun to notice some ill-placed comments. LaVar said recently that his son was better than two-time MVP Stephen Curry.

Yeah. Ok.

Charles Barkley had something to say about that little tidbit. Speaking with Sporting News’ Sean Deveney, Barkley said LaVar’s claims are past ridiculous.

Via SN:

“Just because you say some s—, doesn’t make it right,” Barkley said. “He’s gonna be better than Steph Curry? That’s what he said. Steph Curry has won a couple MVPs, he’s pretty good. Man, let me tell you something. That’s that AAU s—. You can’t say a guy is going to be better than Steph Curry, a guy who has played 30 college games. I know you can be proud of your son, but at some point, it becomes stupidity.”

Deveney’s story is interesting in that, from what he could gather from front office folks, it’s not as though dad’s comments is going to hurt Lonzo. His play is strong enough to guarantee he’s a top pick.

But you can already tell from Barkley that the teams most likely to be able to draft Ball are probably bracing themselves to deal with LaVar.