DeMarcus Cousins to heckler at Pelicans-Lakers game: ‘Suck a d—, b—-,’

AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill

The Pelicans finally won with DeMarcus Cousins, beating the Lakers on Sunday after starting 0-4 in games he played since the trade from the Kings.

But New Orleans’ win might include Cousins’ loss — financially.

Cousins responded profanely to a heckler who just happened to have a camera pointed at the center:

Cousins is far from the only player who has responded with such harsh language to a fan, and it often doesn’t draw fines.

But Cousins was caught on video and is already in the league’s crosshairs for fan interaction. I doubt he gets the benefit of the doubt, even if he should.

The fan got the exact response he craved. Who was harmed here?