Condensation on court forces Trail Blazers at Timberwolves to be postponed

Associated Press

Disney on Ice just left the Target Center in Minneapolis. If you’ve got Elsa and the cast of Frozen in the house, you need to keep the building cold.

It’s a warm, early spring 60 degrees outside in Minneapolis.

Those combined to lead to a lot of condensation on the court, so much so that the game between the Trail Blazers and Timberwolves has been postponed for the safety of the players.

Before the game was called, the players were saying they didn’t want to risk injury with a game on the court.

Target Center staff tried to mop the floor and crank up the air conditioning to cool the building down, but a building that size it does not happen quickly, and that did not save the game.

The league will reschedule. Both teams have open dates April 2 and 3, according to ESPN’s Kevin Pelton. The NBA tries not to schedule games opposite the NCAA title game, but may need to in this case.