The Knicks didn’t do any in-arena sound for the first half and Draymond Green hated it


In-arena music, contests, and videos at NBA games — otherwise known as game operations — is a common thing for fans to experience at every arena. They strike that balance between being comfortable background noise and full-on prompt to cheer, clap, and so forth.

During Sunday’s game between the New York Knicks and Golden State Warriors, the game operations crew at Madison Square Garden decided to forego any in-arena entertainment so that fans could enjoy a more natural, raw audio experience.

Warriors forward Draymond Green hated it.

Speaking to reporters after the game, Green said that he felt it was “disrespectful” to those who had made strides in in-arena entertainment. More importantly, Green said that it messed up the flow of the game since players are used to hearing prompt music play throughout a matchup.

Green certainly has a point. It would be weird to play your entire career hearing Mr. C The Slide Man’s “Cha-Cha Slide” every time you inbound the ball after a timeout, then not hear it or anything for a full two quarters.

But if you watch the video, Green is also being at least semi-facetious. The only thing left to do now is see if teams implement this strategy to try and throw off the Warriors when they’re on the road.

Cleveland, I’m looking at you.