NBA: Spurs’ Kawhi Leonard got away with traveling before game-winner against Pacers


Kawhi Leonard made an impressive-looking turnaround jumper with Paul George — a quality defender — draped all over him to give the Spurs a 100-99 win over the Pacers on Wednesday.

George, Indiana coach Nate McMillan and Jeff Teague, via Nate Taylor of IndyStar:

“He traveled,” George said of Leonard. “I made him work for it and he picked his dribble up. Then out of nowhere he had extra space. Plays like that, (the referees) got to see, they’ve got to see. He made a tough shot.”

“I thought he traveled before he took that shot,” McMillan said in a matter-of-fact tone.

“Yeah, he traveled,” Jeff Teague said. “He picked up his foot and traveled. But it’s the end of the game and (the referees) let some things go. He made a good play.”

Those Pacers were right, according to the NBA’s Last Two Minute Report:

Leonard (SAS) gathers the ball with his right hand and establishes his left foot as his pivot. He then switches his pivot foot to his right foot prior to the shot attempt.

A correct call would’ve given Indiana the ball with a one-point lead and 4.4 seconds left. That wouldn’t have guaranteed a Pacers win, but it would have dramatically swung the results in their favor.

The two-minute report also noted Teague getting away with a travel on the prior possession. But, despite Monta Ellis getting two free throws, Indiana didn’t score on that possession anyway. As they say, ball don’t lie.

Leonard’s uncalled travel was the only missed call of note in the final two minutes — and it was huge.