NBA: Cory Joseph got away with key offensive foul late in Raptors win over Knicks


The NBA’s Last Two Minute Report for the Raptors’ 92-91 win over the Knicks on Monday included three incorrect calls.

All three were Toronto guard Cory Joseph getting away with a foul.

He got away with an offensive foul on a possession where the Raptors didn’t score anyway. He got away with a loose-ball foul going for a rebound New York secured anyway and while the Raptors weren’t in the penalty.

But let’s focus on the missed call of consequence.

Joseph should have been called for committing an offensive foul on Lance Thomas with 33.3 seconds left, per the league:

Joseph (TOR) is not in a legal screening position and continues moving into Thomas (NYK).

A correct call would have ended Toronto’s possession with a turnover.

Instead, DeMar DeRozan came around Joseph’s screen and drove for a layup. That helped set the stage for DeRozan’s game-winner with 1.9 seconds left.