LeBron James appears to be OK with Kyrie Irving being a Flat Earth truther (VIDEO)

Ben Golliver on Twitter

Cleveland Cavaliers PG Kyrie Irving thinks the earth is flat. Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green thinks the earth may be flat, or he might just be trolling the frenzy following Irving. What does LeBron James think?

“Kyrie is my little brother. If he decides the earth is flat, that’s ok,” James told reporters on Saturday.

Well that’s disappointing.

Not that you would expect LeBron to come out and blast his own teammate, much less an important one and in a forum as easygoing as NBA All-Star Weekend. But still. A flat earth? Why not razz him a little bit? The whole thing is ripe for the kind of playful jabbing you do when a friend has a very dumb, misguided opinion about something. Like orange being the best flavor of Otter Pop or all of modern astronomy being incorrect.

Instead all we got was LeBron stopping his own interview to ask Irving if the world was indeed flat:

My brain hurts.