Jimmy Butler agrees that if he was called for same foul vs. Celtics he would have lost it

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The Chicago Bulls beat the Boston Celtics on Thursday night, thanks in part to a foul call late in the game on Marcus Smart. While he was contesting a jumper by Jimmy Butler, it appeared that Smart made the slightest amount of contact on Butler’s shooting elbow during a missed shot.

A foul was called at the buzzer, and Butler was able to get the free throws to secure the win, 104-103.

Here’s the sequence in question:


On Friday, Butler appeared on ESPN’s First Take in New Orleans as part of the 2017 NBA All-Star Game. During his conversation with the panel, Butler insisted that Smart did indeed foul him.

When Stephen A. Smith told him that if the tables were turned and Butler had been called for a foul in that same situation, Butler would have “lost your damn mind.”

What did Butler have to say to that?


At least he’s honest!

Watch the video at the top to see Butler’s responses. The conversation starts at the 1:20 mark.