Isaiah Thomas on Celtics loss to Bulls: “A bad call cost us the game”


Down one with 8.4 seconds left and the ball, Chicago’s play was “get it to Jimmy Butler and let him win it for us.” Butler got the ball beyond the arc, drove a little, spun, and put up an elbow jumper.

And drew a foul on Marcus Smart. Despite the fact there was no contact.

Isaiah Thomas didn’t hold back after the game, as you can see above — “A bad call cost us the game.”

I will channel my high school coach here — one call does not cost you the game. There were a lot of plays before that — 47 minutes worth — where Boston could have played better and earned the win and didn’t.

But that was a bad call. We will see what the Two Minute Report says, but if it says that’s a foul, they’re wrong.

Also, Thomas might as well write the check to the league for his fine now, because it’s coming.