Cavaliers trade Chris Andersen, cash to Hornets

Elsa/Getty Images

LeBron James is reportedly upset the Cavaliers aren’t spending enough.

This is a step in the right direction.

Cleveland is done devoting a roster spot to Chris Andersen, who’s out for the season due to injury.

Cavaliers release:

The Cleveland Cavaliers have traded center Chris Andersen and cash considerations to Charlotte for a protected second round pick

Andersen is owed $334,500 by his team the rest of the season. Presumably, the Cavs will cover that amount plus send Charlotte additional cash for its troubles.

The Cavaliers would’ve paid a hefty luxury tax on Andersen’s salary if they waived him themselves. The Hornets can waive Andersen and pay only his remaining salary.

Simply, Andersen would’ve cost Cleveland more than he’ll cost Charlotte. So, both teams come out ahead financially. (The losers are the non-taxpaying teams that would’ve received more in luxury-tax payments if the Cavs had a higher payroll.)

The second-round pick is likely top-55 protecting and included just to fulfill a requirement that each team in a trade receive and send out something.

Given their position as a title contender, the Cavaliers will likely put this savings right back in the team. They signed Derrick Williams with their vacant roster spot, and this opens another. Maybe the next moving is inking workout-winner Jordan Farmar?