Thunder fans made ridiculous “KowarD” t-shirts for Kevin Durant’s return (VIDEO)


Kevin Durant left the Oklahoma City Thunder this offseason. I’m sure you’ve heard this, it’s been all over the news. The new Golden State Warriors star returned to Chesapeake Energy Arena on Saturday, and some Thunder fans had a special welcome waiting for him: custom “KowarD” t-shirts with a small cupcake emblem on the rear collar.


Via Twitter:

I’m not entirely sure it’s fair to call Durant a coward for leaving after 9 seasons playing for the franchise that drafted him, but it’s certainly a way to make a quick buck.

Fans in the stands tried to tease Durant and the Warriors with “cupcake” signs, a reference to Kendrick Perkins and an Instagram that Russell Westbrook sent out in October.

Golden State beat the Thunder, 130-114.