NBA: Clippers got away with two key fouls late in win over Knicks

AP Photo/Frank Franklin II

The Charles Oakley drama distracted from the actual basketball game at Madison Square Garden on Wednesday, though the predictable result did little to generate intrigue anyway: The 32-21 Clippers beat the 22-32 Knicks.

However, with correct officiating down the stretch, New York might have pulled the upset.

The Knicks were shortchanged four late free throws due to incorrectly uncalled fouls in their 119-115 loss, according to the NBA’s Last Two Minute Report.

DeAndre Jordan blocked Derrick Rose‘s shot, but the Clippers center should’ve been whistled for a shooting foul with 1:03 left, per the league:

Jordan (LAC) makes contact to Rose’s (NYK) face during his drive to the basket.

A correct call would’ve meant two free throws for Rose, who’s shooting 87% from the line this season and 82% for his career.

We’ll never know how the game would’ve proceeded if Rose went to the line, but the Knicks trailed by three when Kristaps Porzingis should’ve drawn an Austin Rivers loose-ball foul while attempting to grab an offensive rebound with 10.2 seconds left, according to the league:

Rivers (LAC) makes contact to Porzingis’ (NYK) arm as he attempts to tip the rebound in.

Because the Knicks were in the penalty, a correct call would’ve meant two free throws for Porzingis, who’s shooting 78% on free throws this season and 81% for his career.

Instead, New York had to intentionally foul, and the Clippers added another free throw to reach their final four-point lead.