Knicks on Charles Oakley: ‘Everything he said since the incident is pure fiction’

AP Photo/Frank Franklin II

The Knicks said Charles Oakley “behaved in a highly inappropriate and completely abusive manner” last night.

Oakley, who was charged with misdemeanor assault and trespassing, said he didn’t yell at Knicks owner James Dolan or doing anything to warrant security confronting him.

The Knicks are doubling down:

Oakley clearly didn’t handle himself properly once confronted — though his contempt would be understandable if he did nothing to provoke the large security presence, including people putting their hands on him, that suddenly surrounded him.

The contentious issue seems to be the lead-up. Did Oakley cross a line in fan behavior, or did the Knicks just preemptively want him ejected?

Both sides have their own versions. The truth usually lies somewhere in between, and the Knicks have a right to rebut Oakley’s retelling.

But do the Knicks, who’ve done nothing to earn the benefit of the doubt, really want to escalate a public fight with a fan-favorite former player?