Report: LeBron James irked by accuracy, not just timing of Kevin Love-Carmelo Anthony trade report

AP Photo/Tony Dejak

At the same minute the Cavaliers were tipping off against the Wizards on Monday, the New York Daily News published a report by Frank Isola that said LeBron James was pushing Cleveland to trade for Carmelo Anthony, even if it meant sending Kevin Love to the Knicks.

LeBron’s response:

It’s trash, and the guy who wrote it is trash too for writing that, especially during the game like that.

Isola said he later spoke to people who spoke with LeBron after the game, and the writer tied to spin LeBron’s discontentment as with the timing, not the content, of the report.

Joe Vardon of

“It’s trash, and the guy who wrote it is trash too” is not technically a denial, but most of us understood the message. For those who didn’t, hope this clears it up.

That said, LeBron denying Isola’s report doesn’t invalidate it. But, whatever LeBron pushed in the past, it’s hard to see him pushing for an Anthony trade after firing back so strongly at Isola. If the Cavs trade for Anthony now, LeBron would look conniving. For someone so image-conscious, LeBron set himself up to move on from whatever, if any, Anthony pursuit existed in the first place.