PBT Extra: Phil Jackson brings drama to New York, but Anthony may outlast him


The New York Knicks are full of drama this season, but not in the way Phil Jackson hoped.

While New York stumbles on the court, off it the team has become a soap opera. There are the reports LeBron James was willing to trade Kevin Love for his friend Carmelo Anthony something LeBron denied but other sources have said is accurate — however, it’s moot because Cavaliers management isn’t about to go there. Nor should they. Love is the better all around player now and is five years younger.

Then there was Jackson’s tweet designed to get under the skin of Anthony, but all it did was harden Anthony’s resolve not to be pushed out of town, plus make free agents wonder if they want to play for him.

All that makes it seem like Anthony could be in New York longer than Jackson.

It’s all fodder for the latest PBT Extra.