Report: Jose Calderon, Andrew Bogut targets of Cavaliers, but trades may be difficult

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Carmelo Anthony isn’t coming.

That doesn’t mean Cleveland has given up on the idea of a trade that would help them in the NBA Finals. They are in an arms race with the Warriors and one of those teams added Kevin Durant. The Cavaliers are looking at some solid backups who can provide depth — Jose Calderon andAndrew Bogut — reports Marc Stein if ESPN.

Los Angeles Lakers guard Jose Calderon and Dallas Mavericks center Andrew Bogut, league sources tell, have emerged as two players who greatly interest the Cavs in their search for bench help.

The NBA’s reigning champions, who come face-to-face with ‎Anthony in Saturday night’s ABC showcase game at Madison Square Garden, are also closely monitoring Bogut teammate Deron Williams….

The Cavs know trading for Calderon, Bogut or Williams is highly unlikely given Cleveland’s various salary-cap and asset limitations. The best they can realistically hope for is that one or more of those three gets bought out after the trade deadline and eventually hits the free-agent market.

The Cavaliers don’t have a first-round pick to trade until 2021 (they sent 2019 to Atlanta for Kyle Korver) and the only player on the roster who they would move and might be of interest is Iman Shumpert. Who hasn’t drawn that much interest.

But few teams are as active heading into the trade deadline as the Cavaliers. No matter the cost. Charles Barkley and others may call LeBron James a whiner, but lost amid all the bluster is the fact LeBron is right. The Cavs need more help if the goal is a title. And GM David Griffin is trying.