Report: NBA’s 2017-18 salary-cap projection falls to $102 million

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From $107 million to $102 million to $103 million to… the NBA’s 2017-18 salary-cap projection appears to be honing in on a more specific range.

Eric Pincus of Basketball Insiders:

The exact salary cap is always important. Every year, teams try to make moves that are barely allowed or barely not allowed.

But the 2017-18 salary cap is particularly important.

The new Collective Bargaining Agreement sets exact amounts for things like the mid-level exception and minimum salary.  For the rest of the CBA, those change by the same percentage the salary cap changes.

So, if the exceptions/minimum salaries/etc. take up a particularly small or large percentage of next season’s cap, they’ll take up a particularly small or large percentage of every seasons’ cap for the duration of the CBA.