Eastern Conference Player of the Week Dion Waiters: “I’d rather go 0-for-30 than 0-for-9”

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Miami Heat guard Dion Waiters was announced as the Eastern Conference Player of the Week by the NBA recently. Over his last 10 games, the 5th-year shooting guard has bumped his stats up over his season average, contributing 19.5 points, 5.2 assists, 4 rebounds per-game while shooting 44.2 percent from the field. Waiters is feeling himself, and on Tuesday he gave us a great quote.

While speaking to reporters, Waiters gave his outlook not only on his current confidence level with regard to his strength of play, but to his method as well.

Via Twitter:

That’s actually a Kobe Bryant quote, so I’m going to give him partial credit for remembering it and another point for the bravado.

Waiters also told reporters that he’s feeling more comfortable playing alongside PG Goran Dragic, which he thinks is having an effect on his game.

I love it. I want a more confident Waiters. Sure, it’s funny to see highlight videos of him calling for the ball, but he does have some physical talents and he’s just 25. It’s not a complete stretch to think he could round into an above-average player in the near future for the Heat.

Plus, if he’s going to keep giving us great quotes like that, keep it coming.